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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How can I buy a video?

Please visit our website and choose the video you are interested in. Then copy the link and send it by email to malavva (at) o2 (dot) pl. In the e-mail, please provide information about:

  • the character of the project (e.g. educational, advertising, information)
  • fields of operation (e.g. Internet, television)
  • a brief description of the project

In the response, you will receive a quotation of the video.


2. Is registration required to complete the purchase?

No. We accept orders by e-mail.


3. Is it possible to receive the material "for trial" before the purchase decision?

Yes. To do this, please proceed exactly as in the case of purchasing material. In the e-mail, please provide information about the intention to "test" the material.


4. Will I pay less for a lower resolution of the material?

No. The video has its value regardless of the resolution.


5. Can I get a discount if I buy more material?

Yes. It's a simple rule - the more materials you order, the cheaper it will be.


6. I am a student and would like to use some videos in my work. Can I use them free of charge?

Yes. To do this, please proceed exactly as in the case of purchasing materials. In the e-mail, please describe the situation.


7. Can I take material from your site (with a watermark) and post it on my site without informing you about it? I won't draw any financial benefits from it.

No. All materials posted on the site are protected by law and using them without permission or license is a violation of law.


8. What is the "hide" button on the page for?

This button allows you to hide the menu on the left, so you get more space to browse the materials. To restore the menu view, simply click on "show".


9. How does the search engine work on the website?

Enter words or phrases by separating them with a space or comma. Each material is described with keywords. The search engine searches these words by comparing them separately with each word from the phrase entered. The service allows two types of search.

  • The first way ("AND") allows you to search for material containing all words from the phrase you entered.
  • The second method ("OR") allows you to search for material containing at least one word from the entered phrase.


10. There is no sound in the videos. Will I receive the soundtrack after purchase?

No. The videos are sold without soundrtack. In our collection there are stereo high-quality audio recordings, which could be an appropriate soundtrack for the vast majority of the videos. However, at the moment the sound base is not yet available.